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Jam organizes the biggest local and International Leagues for Youth and Adults under the patronage of Dubai Sports Council, Sharjah Sports Council and the UAE Basketball Association. 

Doba: Jam Teams won First Gold Medal In 8 categories out of 9

Leagues Inside UAE

Compete at the highest level and showcase your talent in our Leagues and Tournaments. Join Jam Sports Academy for thrilling matchups, intense rivalries, and a chance to claim victory. Are you ready to play to win?

Dubai Sports Council Youth Basketball Championship

UAE Schools Championship

Women Summer League

Ramadan Tournament

Above 40


Communities League

Emaar Community Tournament

International Leagues Inside UAE

Experience world-class competition within the UAE’s borders! Join Jam Sports Academy’s International Leagues for an adrenaline-packed journey of sports excellence right here in the Emirates. Get ready to compete and conquer on a global stage.

Leagues Outside UAE

Our Jam Sports Academy competes in international leagues including Lebanon, Spain, Italy, and the USA, with a standout team above 40 excelling in the FIMBA World Cup.





Above 40 with FIMBA