"Life is better with handball"


Handball is a fascinating game played throughout five continents, by over 180 countries and 19 million people of all ages. Combining speed, strength, stamina, agility, technical precision, skill and teamwork.that is why we are focusing also on Handball it is  also important for student in our program. we are providing a good environment to student for the carrier as well as in fitness of the health. 


What Is The Handball

Modern handball is played on a court with a goal in the middle of each end. Goals must be scored by throwing the ball from outside the zone or while diving into it. Whilst handball is usually played indoors, outdoor variants exist such as field handball, and beach handball a game is fast and high-scoring, with professional teams tending to score between 20-35 goals per game. Body contact is permitted for the defenders trying to stop the attackers from approaching the goal.


Our purpose is to create a technique, power and communications in our student also make them faster. As our students become more comfortable within the sport, High Performance develops special programs to help students take their game to the next level with maximum enjoyment.


Special Olympics’s leadership work drives personal and cultural change. First, we build leadership skills in athletes, so they have the opportunity to become leaders within the movement, their communities, and ultimately, teachers of inclusion. Then, through the Unified Leadership approach, athletes educate people without disabilities to improve their behaviors and practices creating more inclusive environments for all.

Leading Handball Sports Academy in Dubai

Welcome to Jam Sports Academy, the premier handball sports academy in Dubai. We offer top-tier handball training programs designed for players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, our comprehensive programs will help you excel in handball sports in Dubai.

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Why Choose Jam Sports Academy for Handball Training in Dubai?

  1. Expert Coaching: Our handball training in Dubai is led by experienced coaches who have competed and coached at both national and international levels. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our academy, ensuring that each player receives the highest quality training.
  2. World-Class Facilities: Jam Sports Academy boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including well-maintained handball courts and modern training equipment. Our facilities provide a professional environment that supports intensive training and skill development, making us the top handball sports academy in Dubai.
  3. Comprehensive Programs: We offer a variety of handball training programs in Dubai, including beginner classes, advanced training sessions, and competitive leagues. Our programs cover all aspects of the game, from basic techniques to advanced strategies, ensuring holistic development for every player.

Our Handball Programs

Are you looking for “handball sports academy in Dubai” or “handball sports in Dubai”? Look no further! Jam Sports Academy is the premier destination for handball enthusiasts. Our convenient location and top-notch facilities make us the perfect choice for players across Dubai.

Handball Sports Academy in Dubai

Our handball sports academy in Dubai provides structured training programs that cater to different skill levels. We focus on developing fundamental skills, improving tactical understanding, and enhancing physical fitness, preparing our athletes for competitive play.

Youth Handball Leagues

Join our youth handball leagues and compete with other talented players in Dubai. These leagues offer a platform for young athletes to showcase their skills, gain valuable game experience, and develop a competitive edge.

Handball Clinics and Camps

Participate in our handball clinics and camps, where players can receive intensive training, learn from experienced coaches, and improve their overall game. Our camps are designed to provide focused skill development in a fun and engaging environment.


Most frequent questions and answers

At Jam Sports Academy, we offer a range of handball training programs in Dubai designed for all skill levels. Our programs include beginner classes, advanced training sessions, competitive leagues, and intensive clinics and camps. Each program is tailored to develop fundamental skills, improve tactical understanding, and enhance overall physical fitness.

Jam Sports Academy is centrally located in Dubai, providing easy access for players from all over the city. Our state-of-the-art facilities, including well-maintained handball courts and modern training equipment, create a professional environment for athletes to train and excel.

Jam Sports Academy is recognized as the best handball sports academy in Dubai due to our expert coaching staff, world-class facilities, and comprehensive training programs. Our coaches have extensive experience at national and international levels, and our programs are designed to ensure holistic player development.

Absolutely! Our handball training programs in Dubai are open to beginners. We provide foundational training that helps new players learn the basics of handball, develop essential skills, and build confidence on the court.

Yes, we offer youth handball leagues in Dubai. Our leagues provide young athletes with the opportunity to compete with other talented players, gain valuable game experience, and develop a competitive edge. These leagues are an integral part of our youth development program.

Our handball clinics and camps offer intensive training opportunities where players can focus on skill development and learn from experienced coaches. These sessions are designed to provide a fun and engaging environment while offering focused and effective training.

To stay updated on our upcoming handball events, including tournaments, camps, and clinics, regularly visit our website and follow us on social media. We post all event details and updates to ensure our community stays informed.

Enrolling in a handball training program at Jam Sports Academy is simple. Visit our website at Jam Sports Academy to explore our programs, check schedules, and register online. You can also contact us directly for more information.