Just Give It A Shot!


It is a team sport that involves two teams of five active players each trying to score points against one another by throwing a ball through a 300 cm (10 feet) high hoop (the ‘basket’) under organized rules. It is played on both indoor and outdoor courts.

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Steal The Ball, Win It All


To shoot accurately, square your shoulders to the basket and place your feet shoulder length apart. With your knees bent slightly and back leaning towards the basket.


Dribbling is a repetitive action in which a player uses one hand to bounce the basketball continuously, that is, without interruption, on the court. It ends the moment that continuity ends.


Air Pass - The pass travels between players without hitting the floor. Bounce Passes - The pass is thrown to the floor so that it bounces to the intended receiver.


Defense in basketball is the action of trying to prevent the opposing team from scoring. Defense is one of the most important skills for basketball players to have.


A rebound occurs when a basketball player misses a shot attempt. As the ball rebounds—or bounces off the rim or backboard of the net—players from the offensive and defensive teams.


Burn calories (an hour of basketball can burn 630–750 calories). Build endurance.Improve balance and coordination. Develop concentration and self-discipline.


The core objective in a basketball game is to score points by putting the ball inside the hoop (basket) and to prevent the opposing team from doing the same.

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