Never Cram The Slam

The Academy

JAM Sports Academy’s impressive journey from its establishment to becoming a leader in sports and especially basketball in the region showcases its dedication to excellence and all the community members engagement.

Our wide range of programs and collaborations with prestigious private and governmental organizations highlight their commitment to fostering a culture of sports and physical activity in the community.

Basketball Academy

At Jam we teach real basketball. We cover all the aspects needed for a professional basketball player.
We achieve this by:
⦁ Creating Projective Vision and Tailored Program
⦁ Hiring Specialized Coaches
⦁ Organizing Friendly Games
⦁ Participating in Local Leagues
⦁ Participating in International and Local Tournaments.
⦁ Participating in International and Local Camps
⦁ Organizing local camps with NBA Players like Mason Plumlee