About Jam

Jam Sports Academy, was established in January 2016 and is now the leading academy in the region.
Since 2016, we have been organizing the biggest national and international basketball leagues and championships under the patronage of Dubai Sports Council, Sharjah Sports Council, Special Olympics UAE and the UAE Basketball Association.

Ahmad Sleiman

 Our Founder & CEO

Mr. Ahmad Sleiman’s contributions to sports education and development, both as the Co-Founder of JAM Sports Academy and as Vice President of FIMBA (Federation of International Masters Basketball Association), have made a deep impact on the sports landscape in the region. Here’s a summary of his outstanding achievements:

Visionary Leadership: Mr. Sleiman’s innovative vision of combining clubs, academies, and schools in one official competition has not only transformed the sports landscape in the region but has also made JAM Sports Academy a recognized reference point for organizing basketball and sports championships.

Pioneer in Sports Education: His dedication to sports education and the holistic development of athletes has set a high standard for sports academies in the region. His commitment to nurturing talent and promoting excellence in sports is reflected in the academy’s remarkable success.

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Promoting Collaboration: Mr. Sleiman's inclusive approach, which encourages collaboration between various stakeholders in sports, has fostered a sense of unity and sportsmanship within the community. This collaborative spirit has been instrumental in advancing sports in the region.
Leading by Example: Mr. Sleiman's leadership and achievements serve as an inspiration to athletes, coaches, and sports enthusiasts. His unwavering dedication to sports and his ability to drive positive change have had a lasting impact on Dubai's sports landscape and the broader region.
Official Entity Recognition: The consistent recognition and reliance on Mr. Sleiman and JAM Sports Academy by official entities for organizing sports championships underscore the academy's reputation for excellence and professionalism in the field.

Vice President of FIMBA: Mr. Sleiman's appointment as Vice President of FIMBA demonstrates his leadership and vision for expanding Maxibasketball in the Middle East, addressing a previously unmet need for solid basketball infrastructure in the region. His experience and leadership are poised to play a pivotal role in advancing basketball and sports participation in the Middle East and the GCC.


The Academy aims to develop basketball in the region in collaboration with governmental entities, Dubai Sports Council, Sharjah Sports Council & the UAE Basketball Association


The Family spirit and the value for each player, combined with the unique expertise in sports is the foundation we are building to become the leading sports academy in the region